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A Growth Story

I thank you for visiting our website which must have given you a broad insight into our organisation’s salient features, product profile, our accomplishments and our Mission and Vision Since our inception in 1999, the Forex Group has grown exponentially. Over the last 18 years, the Group has established itself as a leading Fasteners manufacturers in India and Entered new world of manufacturing for Tractors & Implements in 2014. In Josh group we put together an integrated value chain that is unique and in many ways unparalleled anywhere in the world. Our Company has reported growth through improved efficiencies, economies of scale and strategic decisions of providing effective application based product solutions to our customers. 

I am proud to say that we at JOSH  have been consistently investing in technology & resources to enhance the efficiency at our operation levels so that we can pass the benefit of our engineering and quality endeavours to our customers. Our constant endeavour is to reduce overall costs of production while continuing to offer the consumers the highest quality products. 

This has been primarily achieved by our people who have had the courage to constantly charter into unexplored waters and made ““Imagining Big. Achieving Better” a natural philosophy that is embodied in our daily lives at Josh Group. Be it resources, Fasteners, Tractor, Agriculture implements or corporate social responsibility each one of us takes pride in what we do and each one of us sincerely believes we are doing our part in nation building and touching the lives of millions of people positively. It is this belief that keeps our Group’s culture vibrant and alive.

The macroeconomics of India has never looked stronger and our continued investment has been driven by our confidence that over the next two decades India will easily be one of the top five largest nations in the world fuelled by the demand of its own population and energized by the sheer potential of a young workforce unparalleled anywhere else in the world. No other nation has this opportunity “ahead” of it.

It is my promise that we will continue to invest and do our part to help the people wherever we operate. While, “Imagining Big. Achieving Better” has been the philosophy that has always driven us, it is the Doing Better part that makes us humane.

Darshan Singh Panesar

Managing Director, Josh Group